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Welcome to Jon Snow Cosplay

Making a Jon Snow cosplay, and being a cosplayer in general, has easily become my favorite hobby. Developing my Jon Snow costume over the years and cosplaying it to different Comic-Cons allowed me to discover my passion and appreciation for costume design and cosplay.

While I do other cosplays, my Jon Snow cosplay was the first one I made, and continue to improve on it with each convention that comes.

My love for Game of Thrones propelled me to build this and show my appreciation and fandom of not only the character Jon Snow, but of the entire series. Out of all the Game of Thrones costumes, Jon Snow’s costume was not only one of the more challenging one for me but also the most rewarding for me.

Here I will be posting images of my Jon Snow cosplay from the time I first made it to my current iteration of the costume. I also will be making posts of any updates to my costume of Jon Snow. I intend to constantly improve my cosplay. This can be anything from better leather armor, a better cloak, or anything else.

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What This Site Has

On this site you will see a lot about how the process starts of building a cosplay. None of this comes by any means as easy, depending on how much work you are willing to put in of course. With this cosplay, much work has been indeed put in and every time it gets better and better, the more worth it is to do all of that work.

jon snow cosplay costume
jon snow cosplay
jon snow cosplay costume game of thrones

Photo Pose Tips

If you're looking to get your Jon Snow on as a cosplayer, here are some basic tips in order to get that Jon Snow cosplay look going for those photos at conventions or a photoshoot. Mind you I may have done it a bit too much in that photo to the left (and came out looking a tad foolish) but it still follows some of the general guidelines to getting that sulky Jon Snow look for your photos.

  • Get the pout going! Probably the most important thing to try to reenact Jon Snow's sullen look for your photos. As you can see again...I took it a bit far here on my example to the left but you get the idea.
  • Some eyebrow furl. You want to look like you're confused or concerned about almost everything and anything, kinda like you know nothing...
  • If you're not doing an action shot, a nice blade down, pommel up with two hands on the Longclaw (or your sword prop) pommel makes for a good pose.

Most Recent Galleries

While you can see the galleries of the Jon Snow cosplay, below is a post feed of how to build a Jon Snow cosplay and just how to build a cosplay in general. I will be offering tips of how to make a Jon Snow costume and the journey of building the Jon Snow costume.  Hopefully that you can be able to take with it whatever it may be what you are looking for from this website. You can always contact me to ask more questions about making a Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume.

Conventions to Attend

There are many great conventions to attend throughout the year scattered all over the world. For this list though I will be concentrating on the conventions in the US. Being in California, we are lucky enough to be able to attend many different conventions, big and small. Here are a few that are on my personal list of wanting to attend.

1. San Diego International Comic-Con - Touted as the year's biggest and best comic-con in the world, San Diego Comic-Con is top of the list especially as a Game of Thrones fan. This is where Game of Thrones and many movie and show reveals are. I personally have not had the luck to be able to attend but hope that can change in 2017.

2. Wondercon- Ran by the same folks who run San Diego Comic-Con, Wondercon is a smaller convention but with just as big of heart. Normally run in Anaheim, California right by the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland, Wondercon is at times the year's first big name comic-cons and serves as a welcome back almost to the comic-con scene. Very excited to get back to it.

3. Anime Expo- This is probably the largest convention when it comes to anime. Xasha and I attended in 2016 for the first time and we are definitely excited to attend again. This obviously is a convention that is more geared toward the anime side, but you will definitely see a lot of cosplays from all the different mediums.

4. Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic-Con- This was the last convention that we went to last year and it was extremely fun. We are super excited to take our Jon Snow costume and Daenarys Targaryen cosplay back to Los Angeles Comic-Con.

jon snow game of thrones cosplay costume

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