Game of Thrones Cosplay Popularity

With every year that I have been cosplaying, the popularity of Game of Thrones cosplay increases. There are a couple that I see way more than others and outnumber the rest of the Game of Thrones characters by quite a bit. But at the end of the day, the popularity of the Game of Thrones cosplay has been steadily increasing. More and more people are cosplaying a more diverse class of characters that isn't just Jon Snow and Daenerys. I'm going to list some cosplays that I have seen along with an image if I can provide it.

Daenerys Targaryen

daenerys khaleesi cosplay game of thrones cosplay

Probably the most popular Game of Thrones cosplay seen during any convention is the Daenerys cosplay. A Daenerys Targaryen cosplay has the benefit of having multiple possible dresses and outfits to wear to cosplay the Mother of Dragons. There is the Khaleesi outfit from season one, the Qarth dress, her season three outfit, her all-white outfit when she was reigning over Mereen, or a couple of her season six outfits like the one Xasha is wearing on the image to the left.

Daenerys has quite a bit of possible Game of Thrones cosplay props but here are a couple of that can help you to stand out and give you a prop to hold onto. Props always help to make that cosplay photo stand out:

  • Dragon Eggs: The first easy Daenerys cosplay prop that is easy to get is the dragon eggs. This goes best with the Khaleesi outfit to match the time period from season one.
  • A Targaryen Banner : Just like Xasha in her Daenerys cosplay to the left, you can be the conquerer Daenerys is looking to be turning into with a banner of the Targaryen sigil and claim the convention floor yours.
  • Small Dragon Toy: You can be the Mother of Dragons with your own little baby dragon plush or toy

Jon Snow

Doing a Jon Snow cosplay can be a little more difficult in the sense that now you are dealing with more of a leather based cosplay. Out of the Game of Thrones cosplay that you will see at a convention, a cosplayer wearing a Jon Snow costume is probably the next most popular one, and for good reason too. Jon Snow is arguably the most popular character from the show and books.  So if you're looking to get your Game of Thrones cosplay going by doing a Jon Snow cosplay, then get ready because it is definitely worth it.

Here are some props that you can use to make your Jon Snow cosplay stand out.

  • Longclaw: Every Jon Snow cosplay should be accompanied with Jon Snow's valyrian steel sword. You can get these made out of wood or foam or any other convetion accepted material.
  • A Direwolf Plush: You can always bring a plush of Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost. Carry it around with you or maybe even come up with a creative way that you can have it on a leash and wheels? That can be left up to you.
jon snow cosplay game of thrones cosplay

Cersei Lannister

Believe it or not, Cersei Lannister is actually a pretty popular Game of Thrones cosplay character that you can see at the conventions. Cersei can be actually a very versatile character to cosplay. You can have your choice of any of the myriad of outfits she has had in the show. One of the more common oufits seen during conventions is definitely her Lannister red dress.

But whether you are using that, her end of season six queen outfit or any other of Cersei's potential costumes, there is always the one thing you should probably have with you when cosplaying as Cersei Lannister

jon snow cosplay game of thrones cosplay
  • A Glass of Wine: Nothing says that you are cosplaying Cersei Lannister like having yourself carry around a glass of wine though doubtfully you will be able to bring wine into a convention. You can always carry around an empty goblet and maybe even complain about the lack of wine.

The Hound, Sandor Clegane

This is the best Sandor Clegane cosplayer you will probably find in the convention circuit, at least here in the US. This cosplayer has it all, the hair, the stage quality burn scar, the armor, the sword, the pouch of wine, everything. But not only that, as you can see from this picture, this Game of Thrones cosplay champ clearly has the necessary height to cosplay as the Hound.

jon snow cosplay daenarys game of thrones cosplay

The Hound doesn't have as many versatile outfits as a Game of Thrones Daenerys costume or a Cersei Lannister cosplay, but you can always go for his season six common clothes. Remember to have an prop axe with you.