Ways to Use the Game of Thrones Daenerys Dragons to Make your Cosplay Stand Out!

Figuring out your Khaleesi costume is a bit tough. What to wear and how to accessorize. Daenerys has been probably the most diversely outfitted character in this series, and we are going to talk about how Game of Thrones Daenerys dragons can help you make your Game of Thrones Daenerys costume stand out!

Let's Talk of the Most Popular Game of Thrones Daenerys Dragons: Drogon!

Drogon is of course the most popular of the three dragons Daenerys has because he is the largest and the head dragon or the leader of the three. Drogon was named after Khal Drogo and for good reason, Drogon is a BIG dragon. This of course is the dragon who causes the most ruckus out of all, he's untamed for most of the seasons until recently.

So what can you do to make your outfit stand out when considering Drogon? Luckily there is many merchandise that can be bought straight out that will enhance your Khaleesi outfit. There is an official large Drogon plush that can go with your Khaleesi cosplay. You can also always buy one of the cheaper dragon toys if you want to keep your spending down on your cosplay.

Another easy prop to use when considering to include the Game of Thrones Daenerys dragons into your cosplay is dragon eggs. If you want to stick to a time period accurate representation of Daenerys Targaryen then you definitely want to stick to Dothraki outfit version of Daenerys.

The great thing about cosplay though is that there are no rules! So go with whatever you want.

The eggs can be made or purchasing some plush ones again. There is plenty of dragon eggs merchandise available. Make sure it's not heavy though so you are able to carry it around during he convention.

Now onto Rhaegal!

So now we'll get into the smaller dragons, the ones that were chained up for a bit because of Drogon acting up.

Rhaegal was named after Daenerys older brother, Rhaegar who seems to be kind of the star of this series without even being in it. Daenerys never met him but always heard stories of Rhaegar being admired by everyone in the realm. Everyone respected him and knew him as a noble person.

So one could understand why she would name one of her dragons after him.

Rhaegal doesn't have as much merchandise made with the exception of some Pop figures. But again you can always do some dragon eggs that represent Rhaegal's egg, the green one.

And Finally Viserion

Viserion is Daenerys' third dragon, the cream-colored dragon who was named after her brother Viserys.

Viserion is the other kind of sidekick dragon to  Drogon. Not that he is of less importance but being chained up didn't allow him to get as big as Drogon. But Viserion and Rhaegal were still effective in eliminating the slave masters' ships at Mereen. For Viserion you can also use of his the Pop figures of him and also the dragon egg that he was from.

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