Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume Photo Shoot

This was our photo shoot with a good friend of ours. We decided once we re-did our Jon Snow cosplay leather armor that we wanted to do another photo shoot and we couldn't be happier. This Game of Thrones Jon Snow costume from season six when he was crowned King in the North is the best leather armor we did yet. Doing this photo shoot was incredibly fun and we have to thank our good friend Justin Regaspi for being able to get it all done. We loved what we saw the moment we saw the first photo he gave back to us. Probably my personal favorite is Xasha in her Daenerys Targaryen cosplay with her back turned and the wings of her cosplay flapping to the side. Check out the images of this Game of Thrones Jon Snow costume.

Something to be sure of when deciding to do a photo shoot is where you are going to do it. Make sure that you are going to a location that makes sense for your cosplay. In this instance for our shoot an open natural field or a place with trees really fit. The tree field can come off as some place in a forest in the North. The plains can actually also serve as a place in the North but we used it primarily for our Daenerys Targaryen's location of Essos.