How to Make a Jon Snow Costume

Initially coming up with the way of how to make a Jon Snow costume was a bit difficult. When I first started to build it, with the night's watch version, I started from scratch, not knowing what to make of what will eventually be my favorite hobby. But depending on the quality that you want your Jon Snow costume, that will determine what to look for. Another thing is the amount of detail that you want to add. Checking out the details to recreate right from the on-screen costume took a bit of research. A lot of checking out screen grabs from the show and trying to recreate it as close as possible.

Preperations for How to Make a Jon Snow costume

There are two main looks for Jon Snow now, and depending on what you want, then that will determine the materials you will need to learn how to make a Jon Snow costume. If you want to do a Night's Watch Jon Snow, then black leather will be your friend. I say black leather and you can very much do that, but I used faux leather, or pleather. Real leather can get very pricy and while I didn't skimp on building my Jon Snow cosplay, I also didn't want to break the bank. There is also the black cloak fabric you will need and black fur.  Much of these materials I found all around me at different fabric stores so it may take some hunting around.

Now if you want to do season six Jon Snow, then that will actually be a bit of work. The Stark armor was actually quite a bit of a work to do. Those tiny squares have many ways to do it, and I for one decided to take brown pleather again, and individually wrap them around small tiny squares cut out of fabric stabilizer. Learning how to make a Jon Snow costume for this one was quite a difficult task. So brown pleather is your friend for this one, as is some type of blue cotton fabric for the undertunic. The pants and boots can be of any dark color you like. It was hard for me to see what actual color are his boots and pants so I would go with black.

Building the Season Six Jon Snow costume

If you want to learn how to make a Jon Snow costume from season six, it really is all about patience. With my method, cutting out every individual square was a tedious task on its own, not to mention gluing them on, then pressing down with the little tabs. I chose against rivets for the sake of time.

The Jon Snow costume from season six comes with a wolf pelt that we recreated from some really nice fur. Many people have come up and asked if it was real, and it is pure faux fur, just really high quality.

It was also painted a bit to make it look more like the wolf pelt from the Jon Snow costume onscreen.  It's all about hard work and dedication when it comes to learning how to make a Jon Snow costume.

how to make a jon snow costume

The best advice is to gather as much information as you can about what others have done, other methods that can fit your skill set. Give yourself plenty of time to learn how to make a Jon Snow costume if you're making it for a convention, you don't want to be working on it the last minute, although trust me, most likely every cosplayer has done that already. But research research research. Look at screengrabs, if you're going for details then look closely at the aging of the armor and the cloak.

While this may not have been such an extensive look to how to make a Jon Snow costume, I will be sharing weekly my new leather armor build and the steps I have taken to making this new and improved version of my Jon Snow cosplay. I hope that you enjoyed reading my brief quick overview of building a Jon Snow cosplay. Trust me that cosplay is something that you thought about doing, get into it. The reward for seeing your costume come into fruition is worth the work and trouble.