A Jon Snow Cloak for Your Cosplay

Making a Jon Snow cosplay has an important step. That step is to make a Jon Snow cloak. When cosplaying a character that is in the North and beyond, it is always beneficial to add a cloak with it. Although it isn't totally necessary, it definitely will add dimensions to your overall cosplay. We'll be covering the different cloak styles, along with ways that you can make your cosplay.

Which Jon Snow Cloak to Make?

There are a couple of options for a Jon Snow cloak that you can do when making yourself a Jon Snow costume.

First off is his Night's Watch cloak. Jon Snow used two different cloaks while up at the Wall in the early seasons. The first is a black cloak with a regular arctic fur. This was before he took the black.

The second of his Night's Watch cloaks that he uses is with an all black fur. The Night's Watch color code is all black so naturally that includes whatever fur is on the cloak.

Then there is the season six cloak where Jon Snow gets his cloak made by Sansa. It is of a more refined and stronger material than the scratchy wool-like fabric his Night's Watch cloak was made from.

The cloak also has a paisley looking texture. This is something to consider when deciding to make a season six Jon Snow cloak. At the time we were making our cloak, we barely noticed it but it was a bit more visible in the promo images but we decided to stick with what we had.

The fur for the season six cloak is actually a full wolf pelt. You can buy some realistic looking fake fur and cut it out to look like a pelt with a tail, a head, and paws.

How to Make The Cloak

Once you decide which Jon Snow cloak you want to make now it's time to get down to business. There are two ways to get your cloak going. One of them is pricier than the other because it will require a lot more fabric. First we'll start with the easier and cost-effective method.

Easy Cloak to Make

So for the easy method to make your Jon Snow cloak is to get the fabric you need. For about my height which is nearly six feet we got about 3 yards. Measure out the length that you need it up and down and cut as needed.

The cloak does have some seams so be mindful of that when cutting that you will need to make a few seams at the top. This gives it that flowing look.

Now when attaching the fur, if you're making the fake wolf pelt, be sure to not attach it completely onto the cloak. Attach and sew the main parts which will keep it attached, but you do want the head and tail part to have some floppiness to them.  Get leather straps to attach near the collar bone area.

I personally dont mind putting it behind me and tying it in a knot but some may prefer the belt loop which is more secure of course.

Pizza Slice Method

So this part will require a lot more fabric. This method will be called the pizza slice method because we'll be cutting out 3 to 4 different triangular pieces that will equal the length you need for your cloak. For example if you need 50 inches for your cloaks length then each side of your triangle has to be 50 inches. All of these pieces will then be combined together and sewn together.

The reason for this is to have the additional fabric to get the flowing look.  This method is also called the half-circle method which a search on Google can get you a more in depth look to how to make this cloak with the half circle method.

Attaching the fur is the same as the easy cloak method and can be done when finished with the cloak.

Wearing your Cloak

So now that you have your cloak made and ready to go, it's time to rock that Jon Snow cloak. When wearing the cloak at conventions remember to be mindful of its flow, if walking outside and it's windy it may smack some people so be courteous and collect it if you're in a crowd.

Another thing to watch for when wearing a long cloak that drags is stepping on it accidentally. You don't want to trip on it.

You are also going to need  to remember that when you walk in the crowded convention floors, people will probably step on it by mistake. It's inevitable if the cloak is particularly long. So if you want to completely avoid it, then maybe stay away from the crowded aisles in the convention centers.

Another very important thing when wearing your cloak at conventions is escalators. Don't let your cloak get caught in the escalator, that will not only ruin your cloak but it can cause a mess for the convention center.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about the various Jon Snow cloak options you have and how to make them!

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