Jon Snow Cosplay Costume Interview with Temple of Geek

Thanks to the wonderful people at Temple of Geek, Xasha and I were able to do an interview with them talking about our
Jon Snow cosplay costume. This was an awesome interview where we were able to discuss our design process, how we decided on doing our Game of Thrones cosplay, and some fun random questions. You can also check out their article that they wrote on us on their page.

jon snow cosplay costume interview

I have to admit that doing this interview somehow made me love doing cosplay even more. It just is so fulfilling and it makes you want to keep doing this stuff more when people appreciate your work. I really can't thank Temple of Geek enough for having us on their Cosplay Connection segment.

So please check out their article and check out their site. They are wonderful folks who love everything nerdy and geeky as much as Xasha and I.

If you want to learn more about the Jon Snow costume check out the About section where there is more on us. Definitely also check out the Instagram page for  the latest post of our Jon Snow cosplay costume.

jon snow daenerys targaryen costume wondercon

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