Jon Snow Game of Thrones Costume at Titancon 2017

We decided to take our Game of Thrones cosplay of Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume and Daenerys Targaryen costume. This convention was held at the campus of Cal State University Fullerton. The student body organized the event to celebrate the culture of anime, comics, cosplay and more. Xasha and I attended and it was a very relaxed and awesome experience where we saw some people we knew. Even managed to win runner-up in the Journeyman division of the Titancon cosplay contest with the Jon Snow cosplay. Check out images below from Marvin who took some shots of us after our competition. Check out his site for more of his work.

Also check out our Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume appearance in yet another Digitized TV video. The video will start where Xasha and I appear but definitely check out the whole thing. Definitely some amazing shots that they got this time. We really enjoy getting the shots with them. They are an impressive team who are at every convention getting a cosplay video done.

Overall this was an extremely fun convention to go to. Xasha and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will love to attend it next year. I will be trying to get the skit that I did during the cosplay contest uploaded on here very soon. You can still check it out on my Instagram page. There you will be able to see the skit.

Whenever there is a convention this small, it's always fun because it almost feel more relaxing in an odd way. Titancon is tiny in comparison to the convention we had gone before which was Wondercon so with the size that was Wondercon it was nice to go to a convention that was more low key.

I do believe that Titancon does have the potential to get bigger and better with time if they keep going at it. We hope they do.

They clearly are still going through some growing pains when it comes to running the event and putting it together but still, for a convention on only it's second year, they are doing well.

Check out the Jon Snow Cosplay Instagram page to check out more Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume stuff.