Jon Snow Winter is Coming This Season

With season seven approaching we can now start to theorize on what this season will bring and with Jon Snow winter is coming with the Starks making a comeback. With the North rallying behind Jon Snow, the King in the North, it seems House Stark is finally back after a long journey. The new Jon Snow cosplay we are building will be from this season which we hope is as awesome as everyone is saying it will be. With that let's get into how House Stark will make their comeback.
Spoilers Ahead!

Arya Stark and Her New Blade

If you have seen any of the new images released by Entertainment Weekly you can catch something interesting in Arya's possession. It is almost certainly the Catspaw Blade that belongs to Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger. So how does she get this? Why would they release promotional photos of Arya if this isn't of some importance?

A fun theory is that Arya will be the one who kills Petyr after discovering what he's done to her family. Arya spent the last two seasons training to become an assassin and is not about to let that talent go to waste. So it will be very fun and interesting to see what happens with her and if these photos are nothing but a red herring. So while with Jon Snow winter is coming, in that he will bring House Stark back on the map, his little sister...ahem....cousin...may finally put an end to Littlefinger's schemes.

Sansa Manipulated?

Speaking of Littlefinger, let's shift over to the other Lady Stark, Sansa. We saw in season six how Littlefinger used the Knights of the Vale to help Jon win the Battle of the Bastards via the request by Sansa. Shortly after, he put more of his plan into motion when he talked to Sansa about her lineage and Jon being a bastard. Littlefinger has been in the shadows trying to sit on that Iron Throne throughout this whole series. It was his fault that the War of the Five Kings started and betrayed Ned, sold Sansa off to the Boltons and just overall terrible guy.

Sansa has been treated unfairly this show and it's about time she steps up. In the season seven trailer it seems he is whispering to her and apparently seems to be trying to set her against Jon. Hopefully Sansa doesn't fall for any more of Petyr's tricks and manipulation and tells him to go away although he'll definitely take the Knights of the Vale with him which may cause problems.

Bran Stark: Most Powerful Stark?

Bran Stark is now the three-eyed raven and is the most powerful Stark out of all. He can be anywhere at anytime. What does this mean for House Stark? First I do believe Bran will reveal to Jon Snow that he is actually Lyanna's son. We also can suspect that he may have learned Jon's true given name which is presumably more Targaryen sounding. We know Ned had to change it to keep him safe from Robert.

I do believe though Bran will not actually get to see Jon Snow since Jon will most likely leave Winterfell for a bit as it looks like in the other promotional shots that were released. But Bran is definitely a force to be reckoned with and as a Stark he can say winter is coming.

But with Jon Snow Winter is Coming

King Jon Snow now seems to be in the midst of doing some more awesome heroic stuff with these last two seasons. You can argue that he is the true hero of this series. He is the song of ice and fire, the child of a Stark and a Targaryen. With Jon Snow winter is coming with House Stark rallying the realm to fight against the White Walker threat that is coming.

All in all, this season is shaping up to be quite a big one where House Stark will be in the limelight more now with a Stark reunion after all this time. Jon Snow will definitely be one of the biggest centerpieces of this season. We are now only a little over a month away from season seven!

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