Let's Talk about that Stark Armor!

If you're anything like us, you probably have watched that Game of Thrones season seven trailer nearly a thousand and two times now. Of course the first thing we noticed is Jon Snow's new awesome Stark Armor. The new gorget and the new leather armor that he is wearing. Of course we are already planning to make that for our Jon Snow cosplay .We'll discuss Jon Snow's change from his Night's Watch armor to the season six normal Stark armor to this new King Jon Snow outfit.

From Night's Watch to Northern Hero

jon snow game of thrones stark armor

For the five seasons before season six we had Jon Snow wearing the black. The all black outfit with black cloak and black furs was our image of Jon juxtaposed with his white direwolf Ghost.

That all changed during season six where after being revived Jon Snow wears some Stark armor after ending "his watch."

Jon Snow realized that since he technically died he's no longer tied to his vows to the Night's Watch and he's over fighting, he's done. But with Sansa asking him to help rescue Rickon and rid Winterfell and the North of the Boltons

This transition marks a new beginning for Jon Snow and giving up his old duties as someone tied to the wall. He goes back to his roots in equipping the standard leather Stark armor.

I was curious though how he found that up there, maybe someone just had a small stockpile of it. Regardless, Jon Snow puts it on now that he's over his duties and ready to go rescue his younger brother...(whose actually his cousin). Sansa even gives him a new cloak she made with the Stark sigil on the front and center of the strap.

Stark Armor for a King

So Jon Snow beats down the Boltons with the help of the Knights of the Vale, and the Starks retake Winterfell.  Jon Snow is deemed King in the North by all the other Northerners and the end of season six happens. But now from these trailers and behind the scenes look we can see Jon Snow in his new get up and it is AWESOME!

First what is right in the forefront and most noticeable of this new armor is Jon Snow's new gorget. It is just pure awesome and very fitting for the new King in the North. This harkens back to Robb who also wore a gorget and shoulder armor during the War of the Five Kings although Jon's is a bit more ornate with two Stark direwolves facing each other towards the middle.

Another change in Jon Snow's armor is the color change of his leather armor from the usual brown color that the Stark soldiers wear, to black.

This is important because it almost feels like he is throwing back and recognizing his time as a member of the Night's Watch. You have to remember, Jon Snow gave it his all and was Lord Commander and everything, so I can see him wanting to somewhat recognize it by having his new leather armor be a black color. On top of that he has a new cloak with a fur lining which could also be a recognition of his new status or with winter finally hitting Westeros, he may want some more weather protection.

The importance of changing his armor for this season and having this gorget is because Jon Snow is now looking like the King in the North that he is and with that calls for some new gigs. We're very excited for it and can't wait to debut our new Jon Snow costume from season seven.

All in all it is a very exciting time to be a Game of Thrones fan. When a new season comes out is a perfect time to start planning out your new Game of Thrones cosplay and getting ready to deliberate and figure out the best methods to get started. We are nearly almost finished with Xasha's new Daenerys season seven costume. We are patiently waiting for a few more looks as to the correct coloring of her outfit and getting that ready and going.

Thank you for checking out and reading our blog. This new Stark armor is going to such a wonderful addition and we are just so excited to have it ready. Our target to debut is San Diego Comic-Con where we can then wear the new season seven outfits throughout the year to the next conventions.

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